Heavy Duty Support Bracket

 Anodized with a black finish, the support bracket is flat, but can be pre-bent at our facility to whatever angle you desire. We bend our own supports to 67.5 degrees and mount them on a backshell side bent at 22.5 degrees, thus ensuring the support is parallel with the longitudinal axis of the chair. 

Our heavy duty support brackets are manufactured from 3” wide by ¼” thick aircraft aluminum. They can mount onto either the inside of your custom back or the outside. SEATS support brackets are designed to match our thread sled and mate for a perfect support solution.

Heavy duty support bracket used with thread sled multiple position configurations

If you’re dealing with a client who is getting a first fit, and you’re unable to free up any staff to transfer them in and out of the chair, how do you adjust the laterals? SEATS Heavy Duty Support Bracket mounted on the back interface exterior, combined with our Thread Sled is the solution. With the client already positioned in their chair you can move the lateral support pads without transferring the client. All you need to do is loosen the two screws from the support brackets which are attached to our SEATS Thread Sled. After the client’s fitting is completed you can add an additional two screws in the support brackets to prevent the brackets from creeping. One support bracket is enough for pediatric applications. If you are dealing with larger adults we suggest you use two.