Modular Mount 22.5 Degree

Machined from aluminum and anodized in black, the Modular Mount 22.5 Degree bracket can be used individually for your seat back or seat pan builds, and in many other fabrication projects.

Modular mount 22.5 bracket for mounting back and seatpan, or other components

The triangular bracket has 90 degree, 22.5 degree and 67.5 degree angles, and nine ¼"-20 UNC tapped holes on ½” centers for ease of mounting accessories.

One side is slotted to permit positional adjustment once installed.

Modular Mount 22.5 degree bracket machined aluminum wheelchair fabrication

Used alone or mated to the Modular Disk, the Modular Mount 22.5 Degree permits creation of support brackets for a variety of seating and mobility applications.  Technicians can mount chair backs, seat bases, tray supports and other components easily.