Pelvic Stabilizer Kit

  • The pelvis is the cornerstone of positioning because of the crucial role it plays in the positioning of the trunk and the stability of the extremities and head of your client.

    Install Thread Sled Easy Mount (TSEM) horizontally and attach pelvic positioning belts. The pelvis can be re-positioned throughout the course of the day. 

    • Multiple applications
    • Involves very little installation time for a wheelchair technician
    • TSEM is used for attaching the pelvis positioning belts
    • Attaches to the seat rail of the wheelchair
    • The kit is manufactured in North America

  • Pelvic Stabilizer Kit includes:

    • 2 x Thread Sled Easy Mounts ( 8" or 12")
    • 2 x Support Brackets (8", 10" or 12") 
    • 2 x Knobs and all necessary bolts

    Support Brackets:

    • Anodized with a black finish
    • Comes flat or pre-bend to 22.5° or 90°
    • Manufactured from 3” wide by ¼” thick aircraft aluminum
    • Designed to match perfectly with Thread Sled Easy Mount
    • Mounts on the back interface exterior combined with Thread Sled Easy Mount

      Our Thread Sled Easy Mount kits are very adaptable. If you have a special case or just want to confirm applicability please email us with your question: