Thread Sled Easy Mount™ Headrest Kit (Tool-less)

  • We designed and use the THREAD SLED EASY MOUNT ™ 8”,10”, 12” and 16” products in our own. custom seating and mobility manufacturing business. After mounting your modified headrest clamp of choice to our TSEM you merely have to insert your headrest’s vertical post and adjust the headrest’s horizontal position and tighten with our convenient hand wheels. 

    Tool-less - Headrest Support Kit includes:

    • 1 x Loctite® 263, x 0.02 FL. oz Capsule
    • 2 x Hand Wheels ¼ - 20”
    • 2 x Sidewalk Bolts ¼ - 20”
    • 2 x Aluminum Spacers ½” O.D. by .25” ID
    • 2 x Aluminum Spacers ½” O.D by 3/8” I.D
    • 2 x Thread Protectors
    • 4 x ¾” O.D by .25” ID Washers

    • Unlimited positioning flexibility; horizontally and vertically

    • Has pre-drilled holes to match commercial backs

    • Kit includes all the hardware to complete the installation

    • Designed to minimize installation time

    • Results in optimal fitting in a minimum time

    • Thread Sled Easy Mount is designed and manufactured in North America

    • Determine the back-interface center
    • Mark the center and drill holes using the Thread Sled Easy Mount’s pre-drilled holes or utilize the commercial back’s existing punched holes.
    • Mount shoulder strap guides utilizing the ¼-20 threaded holes

      Our Thread Sled Easy Mount kits are very adaptable. If you have a special case or just want to confirm applicability please email us with your question: