Heavy Duty Support Brackets (Bendable) (Tool less)

  • Chose your Lateral Support Kit:

    Lateral Support Kit - Rear mount - Mounted on rear of back interface. Hand-wheel adjustable (60 Min installation).

    Lateral Support Kit - Front Mount - 
    Fits under back cushion. Hex key adjustable from front (60 Min installation).

    Lateral Support Kit - Front Mount With Rear Adjust - 
    Fits under back cushion. Hand wheel adjustable from rear. (60 Min installation).

    Once installed, Lateral Support Kit enables the seating tech, therapist, caregivers and parents rear access to the back interface, to easily adjust the width of the thoracic laterals.

    Adjusting thoracic laterals is always a challenge, while the clients are sitting in their chairs. A possibility to adjust the laterals becomes even more crucial during the winter months when therapists or parents have difficulty squeezing children or adults between their thoracic laterals dressed in heavy clothing.

    Additionally, you can mount chest, shoulder straps and pelvic guides to the Thread Sled Easy Mount System.  

    This is what you will receive:

    • 1 x Loctite® 263, x 0.02 FL. oz. Capsule
    • 4 x Hand Wheels ¼ - 20”
    • 4 x Sidewalk Bolts ¼ - 20” by 2”
    • 4 x Thread Protectors .5”

    • Multiple applications

    • Allows to move the lateral support pads without transferring the client

    • Unlimited positioning flexibility 

    • Has pre-drilled holes that match up with commercial backs

    • Comes in a kit that includes all the hardware to complete the job

    • Involves very little installation time for a wheelchair technician

    • Allows achieving a desired perfect fitting in a minimal time 

    • A technician will save installation time and make more money

    • Thread Sled Easy Mount is manufactured in bulk in North America

  • Thread Sled Easy Mount Lateral Support Kit includes:

    • 2 x Thread Sled Easy Mounts ( 8" 10" 12" and 16")
    • 2 x Support Brackets (8" 10" 12" and 16") 
    • 2 x Boco Hand Wheels
    • 2 x Button Head Machine Screws

    Support Brackets:

    • Anodized with a black finish
    • Comes flat or pre-bend to 22.5° or 90°
    • Manufactured from 3” wide by ¼” thick aircraft aluminum
    • Designed to match perfectly with Thread Sled Easy Mount
    • Mounts on the back interface exterior combined with Thread Sled Easy Mount

Our Thread Sled Easy Mount kits are very adaptable. If you have a special case or just want to confirm applicability please email us with your question: ed@seatshardware.com