Our Story Began in a Workshop

In my youth, I met a disabled man who was an amputee with a full prosthesis. That moment changed my life and would determine the professional direction that I have taken ever since. 

My name is Ed Shackles, I am an entrepreneur, a prosthetics and orthotics specialist, electrical and mechanical draftsman, a father and an inventor. I see possibilities and solutions and I'm not afraid to follow a dream. 

With over 25 years of experience, I am the founder of SEATS, a business which specializes in the manufacturing and customization of wheelchair seating and other mobility equipment. Over the years, I've helped countless paediatric clients and young adults achieve greater freedom, mobility, and independence.

Slender Fender

The roots of the Slender Fender started about 5 years ago when parents asked me to address the problem they had with their child’s clothing getting dirty and wearing out prematurely from every day use of a wheelchair. Wheel treads collect dirt and moisture and any clothing that comes into contact with the revolving rear wheels are damaged. With that purpose, I designed several prototype wheelchair mud guards, fender guards, and side guards in my workshop which I installed on my client’s wheelchairs in exchange for user feedback.

The Sender Fender has gone through numerous iterations and modifications until I designed the model that met all the needs of my clients; to fully cover the tire, look sleek, protect the rider’s hands, fingers, and clothing, universally fit any brand of wheelchair and be easy to install.

Our Mission

For my team and I, our mission has always been that every person with a disability has their challenges eased with aids and accessories that have the same standards as those we all use in our everyday lives.

“I designed the Slender Fender to help wheelchair riders achieve improved comfort and self-esteem.” 

– Ed Shackles