Heavy Duty Support Brackets (Bendable Flats)

  • Heavy Duty Support Brackets (Bendable Flats) 

    • Anodized with a black finish
    • Bendable Flats don't require any open flame or anodizing, to bend the aluminum
    • Manufactured from 3” wide by ¼” thick aircraft aluminum
    • Designed to match perfectly with Thread Sled Easy Mount
    • Mounts on the front or back interface exterior combined, with Thread Sled Easy Mount
  • Multiple applications

  • Unlimited positioning flexibility 

  • Custom bend anyone of our (Bendable Flats) to the angled configuration required, to position your client's individual needs.

  • Available in 6", 8", 10", 12" and 15"
  • Installation

  • Bending couldn't be any easier than with our unique bench top, PBJBender
  • No open flame to warm up the aluminum to anneal it prior to bending
  • Predictable results bend after bend
  • The slots are cut on 2" bolt centres and the 1/4" clearance holes on 1" bolt centers


Our Thread Sled Easy Mount kits are very adaptable. If you have any special case or just want to confirm applicability please email us with your question: ed@seatshardware.com