FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Slender Fender?
The Slender Fender wheelchair fender guard is a patented assistive wheelchair device designed to deflect dirt, mud, and water splatter from the wheels landing on the rider.

Will the Slender Fender fit my model of wheelchair?
The Slender Fender, and universal mounting kit, has been designed to fit most wheelchair chair brands on the market. As long as the wheel chair has a round or oblong tubular frame then it will likely fit. If you are unsure, please contact us: ed@seatshardware.com

Is the Slender Fender a mud guard?
Yes, and much more. It not only protects the rider from dirt, but also protects the hands and fingers from the wheel spokes. 

Which model do I need?
The Slender Fender comes in 2 sizes: adult or child, and is available with or without the universal mounting kit.

Do I need the universal mounting kit?
If you plan to mount the fender guards onto existing mud guards then you do not need the universal mounting kit.

Do you offer different colours of fenders?
No, at present we offer the fender and mounting unit only in black.

Does the Slender Fender need to be installed by a dealer or technician?
No, the fenders can be installed by the user and do not need to be cut or custom sized by a dealer. The mounting hardware fits all major wheelchair brands. See our Installation Guide.

What warranty do you offer on the device?
This device is made in North America with a 10-year manufacturer's warranty.

Is this device available under assistive device programs?
Yes, this device may be obtainable under programs which provide safety devices to those with physical disabilities. We recommend that you ask your device or medical technician speak to us: ed@seatshardware.com