Universal Mounting Kit Installation Guide

The Slender Fender come with a post clamp receiver and a vertical slotted post (see diagram) which have been designed to fit virtually all brands of wheelchair. 
Slender Fender Installation

  • Post clamp receiver mounts to both round and oblong tubular frames or can be attached directly to existing hardware, such as a mud guard.
  • You can position the fender as close to the tire as you wish. This is a feature unique to the Slender Fender.

Installation Steps

Please read instructions completely before starting.

Tools required: 

  • Drill (suitable for metal) with 1/4" bit
  • Allen key (supplied) 

1. Remove seat sling and install 3/8” spacers (provided) in between the top of the seat rail and fabric seat sling underside.

2. Attach the Slender Fender post receiver clamp to the wheelchair seat rail as close as possible to the wheel centre. Slide in the vertical post with the widest slot on the post facing inwards towards the seat sling.

* Please note the clamp clamp has two positions: short and tall to accommodate 20” to 26” diameter wheels respectively. Choose the position best suited for your install.

3. Check lateral clearance: Position the Slender Fender onto the vertical post for a dry test fit. Make sure the wheel spokes don’t make contact with the fender surface. If there is contact reposition the wheel laterally on its’ axle and re-tighten securely.

4. Place your fender on top of the tire using spacers (provided) to establish equal spacing between the top of the tire and the inside of the fender. While holding the fender securely against the vertical post, drill a ¼” diameter hole through the wide slot and through the plastic fender approximately in the middle of the slot.

5. Install the ¼”-20 lock nut (provided) into the wide slot of the vertical post. Put the ¼”-20 screw (provided) through the plastic fender first and then mate it with lock nut. Tighten the ¼-20 screw enough so that you can slide the fender vertically while you position it over the tire.

6. Double check the clearance between the tire and the fender shell to be certainconfirm that’s your preferred position for accessing the push rim.

7. Holding the fender firmly, drill the second hole through the ¼” clearance hole at the top of the vertical post. Install the next 1 ¼-20 screw and lock nut (provided). Tighten both screws firmly with your 5/32”Allen key.