• Our 22.5deg slotted products come with five ¼ - 20 tapped holes for installing accessories to your back interface. The 22.5deg face is slotted for ease of installation. With the disc attached with its eight ¼-20 tapped holes you have up to 64 installation combinations.

    Parts List Includes:
    4 - 22.5 Deg Modular Mounts
    4 – Modular Discs ( Optional) 
    4 – 1” by 5/16” by ¼-20”
    8 – Button Head Screws 5/8” by ¼-20”
    8 – Flat Head Screws ¼-20 by ½”
    12 – Lock Nuts

  • With our hardware you won’t require a variety of J-hooks, locks and flats. Our 22.5 can be installed onto a flat back interface or a pre-bent back-shell. You can also mount our product at any angle from 22.5deg up to 45deg. It’s machined from solid pieces of 6061 aluminum. Our products can be recycled and installed many times. That’s good for your bottom line and public image.

  • If you’re making your own interfacing, you need only measure the distance between your back canes and drill four holes on the top and bottom of your back interface, on opposing sides. To match the width minus roughly ¾” of an inch. Now install two machine screws with lock nuts loosely, then simply slide your 22.deg hardware over the lock nuts and tighten. It's that easy.

    If your clients at the beginning of a growth cycle you can order their chair larger than they need. Because you can install your back interface in front of the canes and reduce the seat depth by more than two inches. We also manufacture pre-punched holes in our Space saver back-seat aluminum  interfaces.

    • Installing seat interfaces with the 22.5deg products
      Flat – back and seat base installations
      Our modular discs are useful for installing custom footrests
      The 22.5Degree modular mount when combined with the SEATS' disc can also be used for mounting trays.