Headrest Hardware Repair - Reinforcement Kit (Fits i2i linkage styled hardware)

  • The Headrest Hardware Repair - Reinforcement Kit (A) (Fits i2i linkage styled hardware) was designed because Stealth makes a
    great headrest but as the saying goes “A chain is only as strong as its
    weakest link”. Each i2i Headrest Repair/Reinforce Kit you order comes with the following:

    • 1 x Socket Cap Screw ¼-20 by 2.125”
    • 1 x Flathead ¼-20 by 1.25”
    • 2 x Nylon Spacers ½”O.D .25” I.D by 1” Long
    • 2 x Aluminum Compression Struts
    • 3 x Socket Cap Screws ¼-20 by 1.75” Long
    • 5 x Lock Nuts ¼-20 (Low Profile)

  • For the clientele that we’ve used the i2i headrest with really need it because their tone is off the charts. Generally speaking, it’s a combination of extending forward plus some corkscrewing, depending on the severity of their scoliosis. Our kit will enable you to secure the weakest link in the chain. Both the client and I were growing tired of meeting regularly for me to tighten up the screws.

  • The first step is to determine the optimal position for both the headrest and hardware linkage.
    1) Once you’ve determined this take your scribe and scribe some lines into the three joints on your i2i hardware. You’ll need this to assemble it back to the optimal position.
    2) Drill out the threads in all three joints.
    3) Install the three machine screws and secure with lock nuts.
    4) Install our two control arms and drill through the i2i hardware.
    5) Install the nylon spacers and the remaining screws similar to the photos provided.

    • Could also be used to repair/reinforce headrests similar in design.