PL 003ST22 Steel Assembly Brackets (Flats)

  • The PL 003ST22 is manufactured from strong 10 guage (⅛”) steel and has 22 holes. Spaced on ½” bolt centers in vertical rows and spaced on 1” bolt centers. At SEATS we utilize these brackets daily for installing custom and commercial manufactured products.

  • Takes all the guesswork out of pre-drilling a blank piece of 1.5” by 6” steel, hoping for accurate hole spacing. Consistent, reliable and predictable results equal cost savings each time you use our PL 003ST22 brackets. With accurate hole placement you can mix and match our brackets together.

  • The ease of installing our PL 00ST22 brackets couldn’t be any easier. The .25” clearance holes are spaced on both .5” and 1.” bolt centers. Just drill holes where you need them and bolt them on. If it’s attached to a mobility device there’s already many pre-punched holes to choose from. Theirs’s also a slotted portion that helps when you're attaching two of them together or clamps and sometimes directly to the client’s mobility device.

  • Installing half lap tray hinges
    Installing tandem swing away lateral hardware
    Foot pocket fabrication and installation
    Calf board fabrication and installation
    Flat seat base installation
    Repairing broken hangers and footplates
    Cross bracing our SEATS 14” support brackets
    There are too many applications to list all of them