Slender Fender - Wheelchair Fenders

  • The Slender Fender wheelchair fenders are a patented assistive wheelchair device designed to deflect dirt, mud and water from the rider. It keeps the seat, sleeves and clothing clean; and protects fingers and hands from rubbing against the wheels or being caught in the spokes.

    Its sleek and low-profile design fully covers the propulsion wheel tread surface, yet does not interfere with the push rim. The universal mounting hardware is easy to install and fits most major wheelchair brands.

    Each Slender Fender kit includes 2 wheel fenders which can be easily mounted using the universal mounting hardware. 

    • Deflects dirt and mud and keeps sleeves and clothing clean
    • Protects riders hands and fingers from the spokes
    • Low-profile design accommodates 20" to 26" wheel diameters
    • Adjustable vertically and horizontally for perfect fit to wheel
    • Stays in place at all times
    • Molded using ABS resin and aircraft grade aluminum
    • DIY installation, hardware fits most major wheelchair brands
    • 10 year manufacturer's warranty
    • Made in North America
  • The Slender Fender uses a universal vertical slotted post and post clamp receiver which has been designed for ease-of-installation on to virtually all wheelchair brands. We designed it to be easily installed by the user or your technician. 

    • Our fenders come with all required fasteners and attachments
    • Comes with 2 clamp sizes to fit frame sizes 1” to 1-1/8” or 1-1/8” to 1-3/8”
    • Mounts to both round and oblong tubular frames or can be attached directly to existing hardware, such as a mud guard if desired.
    • You can adjust the clearance between the tire tread and the fender to suit your needs. This is a feature unique to the Slender Fender.
    • Frame clamps have lock nut slots for ease of installation.

    For more details, please see our Installation Guide.


Protect your clothes, fingers, and hands.

The wheelchair fenders deflect mud and protects the rider’s fingers, hands and clothing from the spokes and dirt on wheels.

No more worn out clothing
Solve the problem of clothing getting dirty and wearing out prematurely, from every day use of a wheelchair.

Built strong but light weight
Molded using strong ABS resin to maximize stiffness and reduce weight. The mounting hardware is machined from a solid block of aircraft grade aluminum.

Low-profile design ensures a smooth ride.

The wheelchair fenders fully covers the tire and shields the propulsion wheel tread surface but never interferes with the push rim.

Fits perfectly to your wheel
Accommodates 18" to 26" wheel diameters and runs parallel with the tire's tread. Fully adjustable in both vertical and horizontal planes, ensuring a perfect fit to any wheel.

It stays in place at all times and doesn’t have to be removed and re-installed every time the rider leaves and re-enters the chair.

Retina Theme on iPad and iPhone

Customizable options, do-it-yourself installation.

The wheelchair fender guard was designed with feedback from parents to meet the needs of children and young active adults.

Easy installation
The wheelchair fenders can be installed by the user and does not need to be cut or custom sized by a dealer. Mounting hardware fits most major wheelchair brands. See our Installation Guide.

Available under assistive device programs
This device may be obtainable under programs which provide safety devices to those with physical disabilities.

What people are saying

"Without [the fenders], my daughter's lower arms and sleeves were getting dirty, at times even washing could not get the stains out of her clothes."

Susan Q.

"The fenders look great, and are very sleek. They are very easy to put on, and to take off when I take the wheelchair apart."

Katrina B.

"The slim, compact design doesn't impede Adil's propelling abilities and that is very important to us and to him because it increases his independence and as well as his self-esteem."

Parents of Adil

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Tech Specs

Colour Fender - black
Mounting hardware - black
Weight 1 Lb.
Materials Molded ABS resin
Machined aluminum
Mounting options 1. Round or oblong tubular frames
2. Mounted to existing hardware
Dimensions 8x8x8 (adult)
H8.4"xW13"xD2.35" (child)
Manufacturing in North America
10 year manufacturer's warranty