SlenderFenders Fit Kits

  • We originally designed the SLENDERFENDER FIT KIT ™mainly for our pediatric clientele. Parents asked me to produce an alternative to the flat mudguards offered by wheelchair manufacturers. We spent several years perfecting a kit to accommodate wheel diameters from 18” – 26” and up to 2.25” wide tires. The hardware needs to be solid and required zero rotation after the install. There are two different sized clamps (1” -! 1/8”) (11/8” – 13/8”) depending on the size of your seat rail. 

    Parts List Include:
    2 – Clamp Posts
    4 – Lock Nuts (Low Profile)
    4 – Button Head Screws ¾”by ¼-20
    8 – Socket Cap Screws 10-32” by 1.25”
    8 – Split Lock Washers
    16 – Nylon .5 O.D. by .25” I.D by 3/8”
    16 – Machine Screws 10/32 by 1.25”
    16 – Machine Screws M5 by 25mm
    4 – Axle Spacers

  • After our clients receive their Slenderfender Fit Kit they can custom fit their install to suit their own individual needs. We love to hear from parents who aren’t replacing their children’ s clothing as often. Our other clients appreciate keeping their cloths clean during events and socializing. Parents appreciate their children not soiling their hands on the tire’s treads and putting their fingers in their mouths. Too many accessories are entry level and manufactured purely for margins, not build quality. The Slenderfender Fit Kit is expensive to manufacture here in North America to ensure good quality.

  • Please see our video, photos and /or download our installation instruction sheet.

    • The regular Slenderfender can be modified to suit other client’s needs at an additional cost.
      1) Slenderfenders for mountain bike tires.
      2) For mudguards retrofitting
      3) Transfer fenders.
      4) Armrest fenders
      5) Elongated fenders for 26” wheels and 1.5” – 3” rear seat dump.