Space Saver Back - Seat Interface

  • Our SPACE SAVER™ ALUMINUM BACK – SEAT INTERFACE was designed to standardize the foundation of your, custom fabricated seating and mobility system. A complete ¼” hole matrix is part of the interface’s construction. It’s perfectly matched to our array of SEATS’ hardware products. Each Space Saver Back/Seat Interface comes with:

    • 1 x Aluminum Back/Seat Interface
    • 8 x Button Head Machine Screws ¼-20 by .5625”
    • 8 x Lock Nuts ¼-20

  • Our backs unique Space Saver design enables the fabricator to install the back interface within approximately ½” of the controllers on power wheelchairs with Amy tilt systems. When we use Space Saver for a seat pan, we regularly install the bottom surface within ½” of the chair’s cross member. The client reduces up to 2” of additional seat to floor height for pivoting transfers.

  • Utilizing our SEATS 22.5deg modular hardware disc combination we regularly install this product into power wheelchairs with AMY tilt/reline features. It’s also useful mounted onto regular tilt and recline manual tilt chairs.

  • 1) Can be special ordered in 3/16” thick for your barratric population.
    2) Can be special ordered in 22” or 24” wide for your bariatric population.