Tray Easy Mount

  • We designed the TRAY EASY MOUNT™ mainly for manufacturing custom built plastic trays, with both clear and black ABS tops. We were getting approached on a regular basis to design some hardware that was better suited to mounting trays onto power chairs with, swing away, stationery and centre mounted joysticks minus sliders. The vendors had to do something to create additional space for the client’s joystick. Each Tray Easy Mount you order comes with the following:

    • 2 x Tray Easy Mount Receivers
    • 2 x Receiver Arms
    • 4 x Just Disc It
    • 4 x Slab .25” T-nuts
    • 4 x Button Head Machine Screws 1.375” by .25” – 20
    • 4 x Plastic End Plugs
    • 4 x Lock Washers 4 x .75” Fender Washers

  • Time and time again I watched in disbelief as vendors desperately cutting away portions of the circumferential structural ribbing. Molded into commercial trays for enhanced rigidity resulting in a stable top. With our Try Easy Mount product you don’t require sliders on the tray, to slide the tray from the front of the chair to the rear using the arm padding. Our Easy mount system is mounted vertically not horizontally.

  • We’ve included flathead 1⁄4-20 screws and nylon spacers for attaching the TRAY EASY MOUNT 1” tubular arm receivers, directly to your tray’s slider mounts. which is applicable to manufacturing a new tray.

    For existing trays, the 1” tubular arm receivers can be installed directly to the tray’s surface using flathead machine screws and nylon spacers.

  • The 1” receivers’ arms orientation can be reversed for the clients who’s able bodied and like to remove their tray during the day without an attendant’s help to do so.